Public transport Amsterdam

The stuff you need to know

Public transport in Amsterdam is quite well arranged. However, there are some thinks you have to take into account. We have summed up some important stuff and features that are available.

The OV-Chipcard

The foundation of the public transport in Amsterdam

The OV-Chipcard (the Dutch public transport card) lays the foundation for the public transport in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands.

Anonymous cards

Anonymous OV-Chipcard can be purchased for €7.50 at any train station and some other locations. To find the closest location near you, follow this link: OV-Chipcard service points.

To read more information about the benefits of an anonymous card, follow this link: anonymous OV-chipcards.

Personal cards

With a personal OV-chipcard, you can purchase things like seasonal passes, discounted rates outside of peak hours, etc. You can apply for a personal OV-Chipcard via this link: Apply for a personal OV-Chipcard. The personal card also costs €7.50.

Separate tickets (TOURISTS)

To make tourists feel extra at home in Amsterdam, the municipality has arranged for extra expensive tickets that can be purchased at train stations, in trams and in busses. For trains, separate tickets from NS machines at the train stations are €1.00 extra.

Transport in tram, metro and busses (GVB) are separately arranged from the trains if you don’t have a OV-Chipcard. In trams a 1 hour ticket costs €2.90. A 1 day ticket  costs €7.50 and a 2 day ticket €12.50.

Our advice

Walk, Amsterdam is not that big.

Trains – NS

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is responsible for the trains in the Netherlands. To use the train service of NS, you can either use a OV-Chipcard or purchase overly expensive tickets at the ticket machines at trains stations. Make sure you check in and check out when taking a train.

The NS has its own travel planner and app. To plan your trip, visit the website: or download their app.

Busses, trams and metro – GVB

The GVB operates all the busses, trams and metro’s in Amsterdam. You can purchase different tickets online; from 1 day to 1 week, or buy tickets in busses, trams and metro stations. To purchase your tickets or plan your journey, visit the website or download the app.


As you read the trains are provided by a different operator than the busses, trams and metro’s. We therefore recommend using the app that combines the two, to plan your journey. Read more about 9292 on our dedicated page and download the app.