Paid Parking in Amsterdam

Parking zones in Amsterdam

Like many other European cities, Amsterdam works with different parking zones. The different zones correspond with different rates and hours of parking. For example, in De Pijp, paid parking is generally 4 euros per hour from 09.00 – 00.00h. This makes it impossible to park your car anywhere without permit. The best option would be a P+R. For De Pijp, this would be the Olympic Stadium. However, if you need your car on a daily basis, this adds up if you include the public transport costs. Additionally, you can’t take your bike to your car.

In other area’s, like Nieuw-West, the hourly paid parking rate is around 2.40 euro per hour from 09.00 – 19.00h. Area’s like these give you the opportunity to come home after work and pay for an hour, after which it will be free until the next morning. Then again, if you pay for an hour every day, this adds up to about 80 euro’s a month. Our advice: use our Free Parking Spot in West.

The map below exhibits all the different paid parking zones, rates and hours. Keep in mind that the area’s without a parking zone are not always free! These area’s often have ‘blue lines’ at the parking spots, meaning it is free for local residents with parking permits. This is exactly the reason we have decided to make our own Free Parking Map of Amsterdam.

Paid parking app’s

The best way to pay for your parking

Using the traditional paid parking meters throughout town has many disadvantages:

  • You always have to estimate the amount of time you will park. This either results in higher costs, having to walk back to the machine when you are just having a beer, or getting a parking fine because you did not want to leave your beer behind (which actually should be a legitimate reason to get out of the ticket).
  • You cannot pay by the the actual minutes you have parked. Again, you will always pay more than you actually owe the municipality of Amsterdam.
  • You have to look for machine closest to you and probably have to walk back and forth one more time because you don’t remember your license plate.

The below mentioned Paid Parking App’s avoid the above mentioned disadvantages. You register using your license place, phone number and bank account, park using the app (per minute) and pay automatically at the end of the month.



Tip for the app

  • You have to pay for the automatic messages you receive when your pre-set ending time is approaching. You can switch this off via your account on the website, not via the app.