Free Parking NSDM

The location

The free parking spot in Amsterdam North for the NDSM dock is located in a residential area. There are spots available all throughout the residential area. The spot indicated on the map is one of the roads leading into the residential area (see header image).

From the free parking spot, it is about a 12 minute walk to the NDSM dock. The NDSM dock is a former industrial area that is vastly developing into a popular hotspot for locals and tourists. Several bars, restaurants, a indoor market and hotels are located here.

Additionally, from the NDSM dock, the free ferries run to several locations in Amsterdam.

Public transport from Free Parking Amsterdam NSDM

Ferry 903

Ferry 903 runs to westerdijkdok, a relatively convenient location into the Jordaan and Amsterdam West. However, the most convenient parking spot for this is the Free Parking Spot in Amsterdam West. INSERT LINK.

Ferry 906

Ferry 906 runs directly to the central station.

Both ferries run continuously throughout the day.

9292 Public transport information

For more information about the public transport from the free parking spot in Amsterdam West, have a look at our page about the 9292 public transport information app.

Add a label

Google maps gives you the option to add a label to a particular address. By adding a label to the indicated free parking spaces, for example ‘Free Parking Spot NDSM’, Google Maps will remember this location. The next time you open google maps, simply type the name of the label into the search bar and the free parking spot will automatically show up.

Be respectful

It goes without saying that its important to respect the rules, park within the designated areas and treat the residential area like it is your own.