Blue parking zones Amsterdam

Blue parking zones Amsterdam

The short term ‘not-so-free’ parking zones

Around Amsterdam you will find several area’s where parking spots are marked with a blue line. These blue parking zones indicate area’s where paid parking has not yet been established. Now I know what you are thinking: bingo! Well…. regrettably no bingo.

These blue zones indicate where you can temporarily park for free, with the condition you use a parking disc (see image). The actual amount of time you can park for free depends on the city district and the area within that district. Once you have arrived, you have to use the parking disc to indicate the time you arrived. This can be rounded up to the next half-hour point or full hour.

The free parking spots we indicate are in the middle of these blue zones. Make sure you check that there is no blue line before you park!

For more information on the blue zones per city district and area, as well as time limits, follow this link: Blue parking zones information.

Please note that this page is in Dutch! Because why would people that do not speak Dutch want this information right?

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