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9292 is the source of information for public transport

9292 is a daily source of travel information for public transport for all kinds of passengers. 9292 brings all information from all transport companies in the Netherlands together in a user-friendly way. The service can be used online or via the mobile app. Both option can be linked together through a personal account.

Why use 9292?

9292 has provided travel information on public transport in the Netherlands for over 20 years. The mission of the company is to make life easier for all people involved in public transport.

It understood the need for an organisation in the public transport domain in the Netherlands that would connect travellers, authorities and public transport companies. The service helps the public transport domain in two ways: on the one hand by helping all travellers find their information needs when travelling by public transport and on the other by helping the public transport companies and authorities carry out their responsibilities within this domain.

Plan your journey

To plan your journey throughout Amsterdam from the free parking spots, you can use the app for iOS or the app for Android or visit the website. It works very intuitively; simply select departure locations (using the ‘current location’ option on the app is very useful), the arrival location and time. As extra options you can choose the transport you want to use, select an extra stop along the way and add some extra transfer time.

Delays & disruptions

The mobile apps & the website will automatically report any delays or disruptions on the suggested route. To be sure you will not run into any unwanted disruptions, you can always check the delays & disruptions page.

Forgot to check out?

In case you forgot to check out using your personal or anonymous OV-chipcard, you can report it via a dedicated website: Uitcheck gemist. Regrettably this website is only available in Dutch, however, it is quite straightforward. There is also a video explaining the proces, which ofcourse, is also in Dutch: explanatory video.

For information about the OV-Chipcard options, visit our public transport page.

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